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Following are puja reviews about various pujas conducted by us on behalf of our customers.

Priya Srivastava - Anger issues had me pay a lot for as long as I can remember which was caused by angarak dosh in my kundali. As suggested by my parents and family pandit, I went ahead with the decision of conducting a puja to fix the same. Puja service offered here was all good as I didn’t do anything then sitting at my home and participating in the puja via live video chat. Panditji were very humble and he even explained few mantra meanings to me.

~ Angarak Dosha

Priya Chawla - I booked Navgrah Shanti Puja as I was going through the worst phase of my life. Got broke and my marriage wasn’t working well either. Had health issues too. After a month of getting Navgrah shanti puja to please all sorts of grahas which affect our life, I see positive changes in my life and everything which was earlier looking broken is now getting fix or is already fixed. Thank you Suraj ji for getting it done for me.

~ Navgrah Shanti Puja

Suresh Bansal - As my marriage life was not going well due to my health issues, I consulted various pandits to get a fix for this all. Pandit Suraj ji suggested and conducted Mahamrityunjay puja for me and after a week or so, the medicines which were earlier seems to be failing, are now starting to work. As soon as I get better in health all my life will be set on a positive track. Thank you bookpuja.com

~ Mahamrityunjay Puja

Roshni Patel - One of the downside of getting settled in Canada was the non-availability of time to conduct regular puja and offer prasad to Durga devi. Panditji at Bookpuja.com arranged it all for me and I got the blessings of Goddess Durga right from my comfortable home. It felt so good on the completion of the puja which I attended via live video call.

~ Ashta Laxmi Puja

Pawan Jain - Using all my savings and best of my knowledge I started a small restaurant, hoping to settle down in the foreign land but it didn’t work well during the initial days in spite of having all the good offerings. The thing missing here in the foreign land was the puja we do while opening a business. So I asked Pt. Suraj ji from Bookpuja to conduct a puja to help me get better financial stability in this new business. Mahalaxmi puja is the one he suggested and did on my behalf while I joined it via live video session. Felt so good on the completion.

~ Mahalakshmi Puja

Ravi Prakash - As suggested from my family pandit, I was looking to have a place to arrange a puja but failed to find a place and the right ingredients. Later I came across Bookpuja website offering all these services online while I can be part of the puja via live video session. The concept is modern but everything is traditional as the puja service was all traditional and according to our Hindu rituals.

~ Kasht Nivaran Puja

Divya Banker - I’m happy with everything done at Pitra dosha puja organized at Bookpuja premises on my behalf. Whole family was going through a bad phase due to issues related to our ancestors which are now fixed. Thank you all for arranging puja on my behalf.

~ Pitra Dosha

Puja Gupta - I was part of Pret badha puja conducted by bookpuja pandits. Born in a small town of Rajasthan, our family was always trapped in the ghost and bad soul issues. It followed me to the foreign land as well which I later found that I had pret badha symptoms because of its presence in my birth chart. After the puja, I felt good and positivity around which was earlier missing. I hope this is what it feels like to have a normal life.

~ Pret Badha Puja

Sonam Paul - Financial problems have stuck with me for the better  part of my life and at the age of 29, I discovered the reason behind it. Kemdrum dosha was in my birth chart and as I consulted the acharya, he suggested me to have a puja for the same. I followed his guidance and went ahead with the e-puja, attending it through live video session.

~ Kemdrum Puja

Naresh Rangarajan - Naag dosha in my birth chart was ignored for years but after trying all I can to fix all the issues in my life I finally gave up trying and thought of arranging a puja to fix it. Acharya Abhinav ji conducted this puja on my behalf at his premises, asking me to participate via live video chat. After fixing this issue in my birth chart with this specially arranged puja, things are looking to get fixed one by one.

~ Naag Dosha

Sachin Bhardwaj - As suggested by panditji in my hometown in India, I had mool issues which I wasn’t sure of the name. After proper consultation, it was the Gandmool dosha which is now fixed, thanks to the online puja I was part of, organized on my behalf by Bookpuja.com. Thanks a lot.

~ Gandmool Dosha

Jai Natarajan - Even after studying for hours and having practical knowledge I failed to score a satisfying marks in various eligibility tests for the top universities. After consulting the pandits in my home town, I discovered the presence of Kaal Sarp dosha which is now fixed, thanks to the puja organized by Pt. Suraj Shashtri whom I met at Bookpuja portal.

~ Kaal Sarp

Reema Miller - The ill effects of Chandal dosha can be fixed by a proper puja only but I failed to find a proper Hindu family pandit with vedic knowledge. Thanks to the epuja services offered by Book Puja website, I was managed to get this puja done to fix issues in my birth chart without doing anything then taking part through video chat.

~ Chandal Puja

Neha Pandya - Mangal dosh caused issues in my marriage and it even put a burden on my father as he couldn’t find a better son-in-law. After consultation of an acharya we discovered the presence of Mangal dosh in my birth chart. It’s fixed using a puja which I booked online through Book Puja portal. The puja was all according to Vedic Hindu rituals and panditji were very humble. Everything was genuine.

~ Mangal Dosha Puja

Nidhi Mehta - Sade sati can bring the worst part of your life and can untap all sorts of bad phases. It takes it’s seven years and so to get sorted but I was suggested to arrange a puja to please the Lord Shani to have its minimum effects on my life. I did the same using Bookpuja online puja service. Thanks for arranging it all for me.

~ Shani Shanti Puja

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