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Why Book Puja Online?

Puja is the offering of the soul to the God. Hindus have been doing pujas since time immemorial to please various Gods and get their blessings. There is no Hindu on the planet who has never done a puja in his life, in fact, it is a daily ritual in every household of Hindus.

Puja is the chant of the soul which connects with the God and blesses the native a lot. You can do all the puja’s to appease the Lord from which you are asking blessings material or spiritual.  

For health, wealth, kids, studies, job, profession, Travel abroad, success in interviews, Relief in sickness, protection from black magic, appeasing the planets of the horoscope, Safeguard against the Mars cruelties, for love and for marriage. There are many issues which can be get done solely by the offering the puja the right way. At BookPuja it is our mission to carry out the puja process diligently for our esteemed clients so that they get full benefits and live a happy and holistic life.

Benefits of Book Puja Online

In this digital age when people are busy with their work and personal lives, everything has become online from drinking water to refrigerators. People simply want everything from the comfort of their home and they are ready to pay some extra too for that. Some companies like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal etc started delivering everything from stitching needle to digital cameras and heavy equipment at the doorstep of the buyer.

Keeping this in mind, Book Puja started to offer puja online to its clients and in the very short span it became a huge success. Not only we have done the puja’s for our domestic clients but also to the clients settled abroad in USA, UK, Australia through video. Online puja services are not new but the way people were doing it was denting the prestige of Hindu way of performing puja. Here one can easily book puja online and also he can book pandit online. For online puja booking and online pandit booking, we have setup an easiest way. The customers who have to take our services have given a very positive response.

Book Pandit Online

One can get Pandit for Puja, one can book pandit for puja, online Pandit Booking is just a simple thing now, one can be an online Puja Organizer himself using our services.

All the Hindu Pujas are done by us. Puja is something that relates with Hinduism only, whether it is Vedic Puja, or Vedic Puja Mantra, or Vedic Puja Process, we do everything as told in the Vedas and other texts. The Puja Time and Puja Muhurat are fixed by our Panditji and then Sankalapam is done on video or phone depending upon your choice.

How does Online Puja help?

As mentioned earlier, Puja is the offering of our soul to the God. Be it Shree Ramcharitmanas or Shreemad bhagwad gita, It is clearly mentioned that offering puja is the only way a person can get rid of the cycles of rebirths and attain moksha. Thus it is needless to say that the only puja has the power to help the native in the time of distress. When one is facing problems, be it related to anything, the solution is puja with real devotion.

How is Puja performed?

At BookPuja, puja is done strictly in accordance with the procedures mentioned in the Vedas. The purpose of the whole exercise is to give benefit to you. It is you for which we put everything at stake and this is why at BookPuja, the pundits are well versed in the Vedas and other holy texts. They have a lineage of the same background and since ages, they have been doing the same thing. Thus the chances of error are negligible.

At BookPuja you can perform puja for anything. You can get done with us the pujas for wealth, property, puja for peace, puja for good luck, Marriage, puja for job.

The puja is done using special puja thali which itself is chanted upon by the Vedic mantras so that all the ingredients kept in it are accepted by almighty and the goal of puja is accomplished in the time to come. Although nothing happens in a day, we have observed that in few days i.e. from 30 to 45 days, there is result coming in the life of the native. The purpose for which the puja was performed starts to get accomplished.  

Puja kit includes many things like roli,moli,akshat, sindoor,gulaal, hawan samagri, coconut, fruits, sweets of many kinds, the food which is liked by the God, desi ghee and many other things.

There are different things to be offered to almighty for different pujas. The puja for removal of black magic will not have the same offerings which a kaal sarp nivaran pooja will have. Same way rahu shanti puja will not have the same things which a shani shanti puja will be having and so there are differences in every puja.

The puja is made live to you on video of your choice so that you can watch and understand what is going on and you will be having a clear idea. This will also boost your confidence and will also make you feel boosted.