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How Online Puja works?

Finding an experienced Pandit is challenging. Keeping that in mind, we started this service where you can simply book Puja online and our experienced Hindu Priest will perform the rituals on your behalf at our premises.




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Booking puja live is convenient

You don't have to worry about finding Priest anywhere in USA/Canada or shop or any ritual elements. We will take care of everything for you, arranging all the ingredients and holy place to conduct Puja on your behalf.

Puja will be done in real at our premises

When we say Online Puja, all the rituals are performed at our premises and you can take part using your smartphone, while sitting at the home.

You can join Puja via Live Video

Be part of the Live Video through Live Video Chat and take online Sankalpam.

Hindu Pandits will do Puja with proper ritual

Our Priests come from Hindu family and they follow complete Vedic rituals during the puja.


What our customers are saying


My marriage life was affected due to Pitra Dosha in my husband's kundali. I got free consultation from Bookpuja website and panditji recommended me to go for pitra dosha nivaran puja. I took part via WhatsApp live video from my home and all the rituals were followed properly. My family members-in-law were happy to join the puja right from home and without worrying about anything to arrange. Thank you panditji for fixing this crucial issue in our life and offering these services online. Read more

star star star star star

Priya Chawla
(New York)

I was impressed by the way panditji executed the puja and all the rituals while I was sitting in my office in break room. I didn’t have time to conduct puja so I was looking for such a service. The kundali consultation was included in the package. I'm totally satisfied by the quality of their service. Read more

star star star star star

Suresh Bansal
(Washington DC)

Mangal dosh was affecting the marriage of my son and he was not ready to believe in this. He was not interested in taking part of any puja due to his MNC job. I insisted to join the puja live from his phone as BookPuja offered me this option. I must say, the services you guys are providing are really helpful according to current lifestyle. The complete procedure was done in front of us, following all the rituals for Mangal Dosh nivaran. Not only me but my son was also happy with this service. Thank you team. Read more

star star star star star

Roshni Patel

I must agree that the service you guys are offering, is really going to help millions of people who are busy in modern life and have no time to find local Hindu Priests and to do the related hustles around. From the customer care to free kundali consultation for puja to the puja procedure itself, everything was done perfectly. I ordered Mahalaxmi puja as I was going through a bad financial phase. I feel confident after interacting with Suraj Shastri ji during the live puja. Read more

star star star star star

Pawan Jain





Navgrah Shanti Yantra

On completion of Puja, we will ship an energised Navgrah Shanti Yantra which you can keep inside home or office to keep all nine planets calm and work in your favor.


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About Our Online Priest

The Vedic Pujas done according to Hindu rituals are performed by experienced Hindu Priest. You don’t have to worry about finding pandits in local area, buy ingredients and whether the proper rituals will be followed or not.
We at will take care of all these on your behalf. Only thing you need to do is take part in Live Puja right from your home.

The pujas performed this way are as real as traditional ones. Only change is that you’ll take part using the available technology, i.e., Live Video Chat. So, you’ll definitely get benefited after having performed the rituals.
So why wait? Book Online Puja now to get rid of problems in your kundali.



  • How online puja works?

    Vedic Puja rituals are performed in real. You just book puja online using your smartphone or laptop, while sitting comfortably at home. In other words, no more hustle to find experienced pandit.

  • How to book puja online?

    Select a Puja and our experienced Pandits and Acharyas will conduct the same on your behalf to fix doshas in your birth chart.

  • How to find Priest online?

    You book a particular puja and we will find Priest online for you and will take care of the complete procedure and rituals.

  • Do you perform pujas as per Vedic Hindu procedure?

    Yes, all the pujas are performed according to proper Vedic Hindu procedures. All sorts of rituals are performed according to the type of puja.

  • How do you decide timing for online Vedic Puja?

    Our experienced Pandits go through your birth chart, select a puja to fix issues in Kundali and then decide the right time for Vedic Puja to get maximum benefit.

  • How online Puja will help me?

    All our pujas are done in real with proper Hindu rituals and by esteemed Pandits. We conduct real puja with your name, gotra and according to the specific problem you facing in life. So, this will help you fix life issues for sure.

  • How can I join Puja?

    You can join live Puja using WhatsApp or Skype or any other live video app and take part in the rituals. The convenience and comfort of this method is unmatched by any other.

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