Shani Shanti Puja

Number of PanditTwo
Number of Mantra2300
Puja duration3 hours 2 Days

Shani Shanti Puja is a perfect Vedic solution to please Saturn planet and minimize the ill effects of it on native. If the native is going through phases like Sade Sati, Shani Dhaaiyya, Kantak Shani then this puja can help him/her a lot.

Shani Shanti Puja Benefits:

  • Bad position of Saturn in your birth chart can cause a lot of issues which can be minimized after the success of this puja.
  • Native gets relief from Saturn's curse and bad karmic deeds done in the past lives are fixed as well.
  • Increase in wealth, prosperity and social status can be noticed in the native's life after this puja.
  • In many cases, native's have reported that once Shani Shanti Puja is conducted, they were relieved from debts.

How Puja is performed?

  1. We have an energised place to conduct Shani Shanti Pooja on your behalf.
  2. We have genuine Hindu pandits with years of experience in Karamkaand (Hindu priest work) who have excellent Sanskrit pronunciation.
  3. Our Pandits do follow proper Hindu rituals and mantras while performing this puja.
  4. A specific yantra is energised during the puja which is shipped to you with an advice of keeping that yantra at your home or workplace for further benefit.

After connecting with you, our Pandit Ji will examine planetary positions in your birth chart and will decide a particular time for this Shani Sade Shati puja. You will attend live Shani Shanti Puja via video chat app. Puja can be recorded as well on your request.

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  • How online puja works?

    Vedic Puja rituals are performed in real. You just book puja online using your smartphone or laptop, while sitting comfortably at home. In other words, no more hustle to find experienced pandit.

  • How to book puja online?

    Select a Puja and our experienced Pandits and Acharyas will conduct the same on your behalf to fix doshas in your birth chart.

  • How to find Pandit online?

    You book a particular puja and we will find pandit online for you and will take care of the complete procedure and rituals.

  • Do you perform pujas as per Vedic Hindu procedure?

    Yes, all the pujas are performed according to proper Vedic Hindu procedures. All sorts of rituals are performed according to the type of puja.

  • How do you decide timing for online Vedic Puja?

    Our experienced Pandits go through your birth chart, select a puja to fix issues in Kundali and then decide the right time for Vedic Puja to get maximum benefit.

  • How online Puja will help me?

    All our pujas are done in real with proper Hindu rituals and by esteemed Pandits. We conduct real puja with your name, gotra and according to the specific problem you facing in life. So, this will help you fix life issues for sure.

  • How can I join Puja?

    You can join live Puja using WhatsApp or Skype or any other live video app and take part in the rituals. The convenience and comfort of this method is unmatched by any other.


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Fixed bad phase of Shani dev (Nidhi Mehta)

Sade sati can bring the worst part of your life and can untap all sorts of bad phases. It takes it’s seven years and so to get sorted but I was suggested to arrange a puja to please the Lord Shani to have its minimum effects on my life. I did the same using Bookpuja online puja service. Thanks for arranging it all for me.


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