Bali Pratipada, Govardhan or Annakut Puja is held on the fourth day of Diwali celebration i.e. a day after Diwali on the month of Kartika. This festival is solely dedicated to Lord Krishna’s victory over Lord Indra.

Everything about Govardhan Puja

Sometimes Govardhan Puja falls with a day gap between Diwali and this festival is celebrated by devotees by cooking wheat, rice, gram flour curry, and vegetables without garlic and onion are to offer Lord Krishna.

Meaning of Govardhan

Go means cow and Vardhan means nourishment. Another meaning of Govardhan is “Go” means senses and “Vardhan” means increases that mean increasing one’s senses by worshipping Lord Krishna. On this day Govardhan Parvat is worshipped as a belief to increase spirituality and devotion towards Lord Krishna.

Origins of Govardhan Puja


Braj is a place where Krishna spent his most of his childhood days with his friends and people narrates his heroic stories which he exploited in that period.  One of the most famous events of that time is lifting up Govardhan Parvat (hill) by Lord Krishna from his little finger for 7 days and nights to save people of Braj this story is stated in Bhagavata Purana and is most recognizable one.

Since this episode, Govardhan has become a pilgrimage hill for all Braj people and devotees worship and offer prayers to the mountain.  The journey to the hill marks many shrines dotted in its way along 11 miles on which devotees offer flowers and prayers.

Legend behind Govardhan Puja

The day after Diwali has celebrated as Govardhan or Annakut puja (a heap of grains) as a symbol of victory of Lord Krishna over arrogant Lord Indra. On this day Vrindavan (Abode of Lord Krishna) people hold a harvest festival in the honor of Lord Indra who is the god of rains necessary for harvesting.

There is a story behind this epic day. It is said that Lord Indra was very arrogant and always wanted a Puja or Havan and Avahana for rains to visit the particular region. Lord Krishna wanted to teach him a lesson and somehow convinced Vrindavan people to worship Govardhan Hill in spite of Kinglord Indra. As Govardhan hill provided food to cows and its fertile soil give grass grazing to animals for milk production and ploughing the lands.

When Indra saw that he is not worshipped he burst in anger and retaliated with terrifying thunderstorms due to which scared the villagers and all started to leave Vrindavan. To save people and animals from drowning the almighty Lord Shri Krishna lifted Govardhan hill for seven days and gave shelter to all loving beings under the hill from the terrain rain.

At last, Lord Indra realized his mistake and requested forgiveness from the Almighty. In this way, Lord Krishna stated that he is the lord of demigods and termed as Deva Deva.

Shree Madhavendra Puri temple was established several years later on Govardhan Hill in the context of self-manifested god Gopala which consist of cows and bulls as an incarnation of the god they all are worshipped.

After the festival, Prasad is distributed to devotees. All Vaishnava temples celebrate this ceremony all over the world and distribute Prasad as per their capacity.

Significance of Govardhan Puja

Govardhan Puja is performed by preparing different cereals for Govardhan Hill like rice, wheat, kadhi, sabji etc. And dance and sing lord Krishna songs.


The hill is considered sacred and is a form of god which gives protection, shelter, and food in severe conditions. There are different ways to celebrate Govardhan Puja across the country and the special day is commemorated as the victory of good over evil. Worshipping Govardhan hill is by means that he will always protect the people and provide shelter and life necessities.

Govardhan Puja Muhurat 2018

This year Govardhan Puja is on 8th November 2018 on Thursday.

Pratah Kaal Muhurat- 06.39am to 08.52am

Sanyan Kaal Muhurat- 03.28pm to 05.41pm

Duration 02 hours 12 minutes for both puja

Govardhan Puja Vidhi for home

Govardhan puja is famously known as Annakoot puja too. In this people cook 56 varieties of food which is offered to Lord Krishna and Govardhan image.

Govardhan Puja Samagri (Ingredients)

  • Sugarcane sticks
  • Cow dung or mud
  • Raw milk, curd, batasha, laddoo, and peda
  • Kumkum, turmeric, akshata, and chandan
  • Earthen lamp and ghee
  • A silver coin
  • Incense sticks

Performing Govardhan Puja

Puja begins by offering sugarcane sticks to the image of Govardhan hill.


  1. Light earthen lamp and apply tilak with kumkum, haldi, akshata and chandan.
  2. Offer incense sticks and pray to god.
  3. After puja performs aarti of Govardhan Parvat and offers naivedya.
  4. Leave some batasha in a plate with money and distribute it to the needy.
  5. Read Lakshmi Ji Ki Katha and the person reciting Katha should give silver coin as Dakshina.
  6. After puja apply Kajal from the Lamp of Kajlota.

And for prosperity woman of the house should eat something sweet first and then distribute it among others.

Govardhan Puja Mantra

Govardhan Dharaadhar Gokultranakarak

Vishnubahukritocchraya Gavaa Kotiprado Bhava”

Lakshmirya Lokpaalaanang Dhenurupena Sangsthita

Ghritang Vahati Yagyarthe Mama Papang Vyapohtu”

Lakshmiji ki Katha

There was a Sahukaar’s daughter who used to water the Peepal tree every day. Lakshmi Ji used to appear from the tree and would ask the girl to become her friend. One day the girl told Lakshmiji that she would seek her father’s permission. The father advised his daughter to become Lakshmiji’s friend as she was Devi personified. The next day when Lakshmiji asked the girl again to become her friend she agreed and both became friends. Lakshmiji invited the girl to her house for a meal. After getting her father’s permission, she went to Lakshmiji’s house.

There she was made to sit on a golden chowki and was served a sumptuous meal in vessels made of gold. Lakshmiji gifted her with a shawl, gold coins, and ornaments. As she was leaving for her house, Lakshmiji caught hold of her pallu and asked to be invited to her house. When the girl returned home, the Sahukaar found her looking sad and asked her for the reason. The daughter explained her dilemma saying Lakshmiji wanted to come to their house. She was sad because they would be unable to reciprocate the lavish hospitality extended by Lakshmiji.

The father asked her not to worry and said they would offer Lakshmiji whatever they had. The Sahukaar then asked his daughter to smear the floor with cow dung, light a lamp in a corner of the house, place a laddoo next to it and sit there chanting Lakshmiji’s name.

As she was chanting, an eagle brought a costly diamond necklace belonging to the Rani and on seeing the laddoo dropped the necklace there and took the laddoo away. The daughter sold the necklace and with that money, bought a gold chowki, gold utensils, gold coins, shawls and prepared sumptuous food. The daughter invited Lakshmiji for dinner.

The daughter placed the gold chowki and requested Lakshmiji to sit down. Lakshmiji declined to explain that even in the Raja’s palace she would not sit as she has to be on the move all the time for good of the world. The girl insisted that Lakshmiji should sit saying she wanted to prove to her family that Lakshmiji was her friend. Lakshmiji agreed to her request and sat down. The girl served her with lots of love and devotion.

Lakshmiji was very pleased and presented the girl with great wealth. After a while, the girl told Lakshmiji that she had to go out and requested that Lakshmiji should wait until she returned. The daughter did not come back and Lakshmiji continued to wait for her in her father’s house. As a result, the Sahukaar’s home was always filled with wealth and Lakshmiji’s blessings.

Lakshmiji, as you blessed the Sahukaars’s daughter with wealth and sat in her house so also bless the narrator of the Katha, listener, and followers of the Katha along with their families. Bindaayakji /Ganeshji ki Katha is read after one reads the festival, Katha. A few grains of rice are kept in the hand while listening to the Katha, after completion of the Katha, the rice grains are left in the water of the Kalash, kept for puja

Shri Govardhan Ji Maharaj Ki Aarti

Shri goverdhan maharaj, o maharaj,

Tere mathe mukut viraj raho |

Tope paan chade ,tope pool chade,

Aur chade doodh ki dhar, o dhar|

Tere mathe…

Tere kanan mein kundal, sohe Tere gale vajyantimal.

Tere mathe…

Teri saat kosh ki parikrama, Teri de rahe nar aur naar.

Tere mathe…

Tere jatipura mein doodh chadat hai, Teri ho rahi jai jaikar.

Tere mathe…

Tere manshi ganga bahe sada, Teri maya aperampar.

Tere mathe…

Briaj mandal jab doobat dekha Gwal bal jab vyakul dekhe, Liya nakh per girverdhar.

Tere mathe…

Vrindavan ki kunj galin mein, Vo to khel rahe nandlal.

Tere mathe…

Krishna chhavi Tere charano pae balihar.

Tere mathe…

Aarti Shri Krishna Ji ki

Aarti Kunj Bihari Ki 
Shri Girdhar Krishna Murari Ki

Gale Mein Baijanti Mala, Bajave Murali Madhur Bala

Shravan Mein Kundal Jhalakala, Nand Ke Anand Nandlala

Gagan Sam Ang Kanti Kali, Radhika Chamak Rahi Aali

Latan Mein Thadhe Banamali;

Bhramar Si Alak, Kasturi Tilak, Chandra Si Jhalak;

Lalit Chavi Shyama Pyari Ki

Shri Girdhar Krishna Murari Ki

Aarti Kunj Bihari Ki

Shri Girdhar Krishna Murari Ki x2

Kanakmay Mor Mukut Bilse, Devata Darsan Ko Tarse

Gagan So Suman Raasi Barse;

Baje Murchang, Madhur Mridang, Gwaalin Sang;

Atual Rati Gop Kumaari Ki

Shri Girdhar Krishna Murari Ki

Aarti Kunj Bihari Ki

Shri Girdhar Krishna Murari Ki x2

Jahaan Te Pragat Bhayi Ganga, Kalush Kali Haarini Shri Ganga

Smaran Te Hot Moh Bhanga;

Basi Shiv Shish, Jataa Ke Beech, Harei Agh Keech;

Charan Chhavi Shri Banvaari Ki

Shri Girdhar Krishna Murari Ki

Aarti Kunj Bihari Ki

Shri Girdhar Krishna Murari Ki x2

Chamakati Ujjawal Tat Renu, Baj Rahi Vrindavan Benu

Chahu Disi Gopi Gwaal Dhenu;

Hansat Mridu Mand, Chandani Chandra, Katat Bhav Phand;

Ter Sun Deen Bhikhaaree Ki

Shri Girdhar Krishna Murari Ki

Aarti Kunj Bihari Ki

Shri Girdhar Krishna Murari Ki x2

Aarti Kunj Bihari Ki, Shri Girdhar Krishna Murari Ki

Aarti Kunj Bihari Ki, Shri Girdhar Krishna Murari Ki

This was all about Govardhan Puja. If you are facing any issues in life or want to add-on to the good days, we recommend you offer a Puja. Call our customer care and book Hindu Vedic Puja now.


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